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Friday, June 5, 2020
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Direct world traffic to your web site!

Free Global Cat Banner Exchange for Cat Breeders and Cat Related Businesses

Great Branding Tools
Banner ads have been incredibly successful as branding tools. If your number one goal is to get your cattery or business name out, promote awareness of your web site or increase brand awareness, the Fanciersplus Cat Breeders - Merchants Banner Exchange will be of great interest. The first banner exchange of this kind to join the Internet, exclusively for cat breeders and businesses with cat related products. . . .and it won't cost you a penny to participate.

Quick & Easy
Your typical exchange of banners between one site and another is where your site will only be seen to however many visitors happen to go to that page. Fanciersplus Banner Exchange, networks cat breeders and cat related businesses worldwide with your banner being displayed on all members sites and available to be viewed by world visitors to their sites. Its quick and easy. Simply insert the small html code on your website on as many pages as like, that's it!

Worldwide Traffic To Your Site
Cat Breeders & Merchants Banner Exchange is a free service which allows you the ability to reach a huge cat lover audience. This exchange will cover cat breeders around the world as well as business sites that sell cat related products. You can experiment with a variety of banner ad designs and make changes after a time if you are not happy with the results. One particular banner strategy may work better than another. If you don't have an interesting ad design or a compelling message that is easy to read and understand, it probably will not succeed. You can review you banner statistics on your "my fanciers-page" as well as update your banner information; e.g., if your web address changes or your banner url changes in the event you'd like to try a different banner design.

How Do I Begin?

After you sign up, you'll receive a simple HTML code to add to your site. To begin displaying banners and earning credits on the network, either you or your webmaster will need to insert the html code to your web page. This process is similar to the way you would update text or an image on your website. Every time somebody visits your page, our html code will display a banner on your site. You can add this code to as many pages as you would like. The more often banners are viewed on your site, the more often "your banner" will be displayed throughout the network. It will appear on other members sites from around the world, with a direct link back to your site.

How Does It Work?
Every time banners are displayed on your site, you'll earn credits. For every credit your account earns, our system will display your banner on other members' sites from around the world. Your credits will be spent automatically by our system, as long as our banner code is implemented on your site. For starters, all members receive 1000 Bonus Credits! You may also earn additional BONUS CREDITS by referring others to our banner exchange program. You earn 200 credits for each new member that joins! To receive credit, make sure they put your "user name" in the referral field when they sign up. Note: bonus credits will be deleted should the banner code be removed.

Banner Requirements
This service is exclusively for cat breeders of registered catteries and business with cat related products. Banners need to be precisely 468 X 60 pixels gif or jpg. Keep file size under 25KB.

You can remove the html banner code from your site at any time should you not want to be part of the banner exchange network. Removal will be detected and a friendly note sent (in case of accidental deletion) to verify whether or not you want to continue to participate in the program before we remove your banner from the network.

Add Your Banner Now.... Its Easy & Free!
Submit the banner mail form in the yellow box below (only visible if you're logged in). If the yellow box does not contain the banner mail form, then click the "log in" link. (If you're new to the site click here to register then log in and return back to this page).

After you complete the banner mail form, click submit, then copy and paste the banner code onto your webpage. After we add your banner to the network, you will be able to view your banner statistics on the right side of the main page directly below your reminder notes and favorite links section for quick access as well as on "my scratch pad".

NOTE: After you join, make sure you or your webmaster places the banner coding on your site. ONLY then will we add your banner to the network, afterwards, you will immediately be shown on member sites around the world! (If you need to have a standard 468 X 60 pixel banner designed for you, please contact us).


(Your banner needs to be this size)
To Join the Banner Exchange, please Log In first, to take full advantage of this feature

Banner Mail Form Help:

The 1st field asks for your Banner Url (that's the file where you have your banner saved on your computer. For example: http:/ If you leave that field blank, there will be nothing to display. Make sure your banner is standard size 468 X 60 jpg or if animated gif (under 25k). If the banner is too small or too big it will not display properly and will not be approved. If you need to have a banner designed for you, please contact us.

The 2nd field is for alternate text (this text displays to the viewer when their cursor touches the banner). For example type your cattery or business name and include your web url.

The 3rd field is your where you put the url to your site so when the viewer clicks on your banner it goes directly to your website.

The 4th field is your web address where you plan on putting the banner network coding so when I visit your site, I will know exactly where to find it. If I don't see it, within two days, your information will be deleted and you will not be incorporated into the banner network.

The 5th field is "Referred by" for whoever sent you to our site to join. If you found the site on your own, just leave that field blank.

Then click the Join Button and copy and paste the banner network coding onto your website. If I don't see it on your site within two days, your information will be deleted and you will not be incorporated into the banner network.

When approved your banner automatically incorporates into the system and displays on members sites all around the world.

How it works is simple. Each time a visitor lands on the page where you have the banner network coding, you receive a credit. For example, lets say you get 50, that means you get 50 credits added to your account. Your banner will then be displayed on other members sites around the world an equal number of times.

Unlike other banner exchanges elsewhere you may notice 3:1 or 4:1, meaning you need to display THEIR banners 3 and 4 times before they will even display your banner ONE time!

Keep in mind, if you place the banner network coding on a hidden page or one that gets little to no hits, then you will not be able to collect any credits. Without credits your banner will not be able to display on other sites. Dormant sites that show no activity for a long period of time will be deleted from the banner network system.

All members receive 1000 free credits to start! They go fairly quickly depending on how many times your banner is being displayed on other sites around the world. You keep building your credits back up every time visitors land on the page where you have the banner network. If your site is new and don't get very many visitors or for whatever reason not able to build up any credits you can feel free to purchase additional credits to keep your banner active in the network.

If you need to modify your banner info, just visit "My Notes Page". (you need to be logged in).


Banner - A creative visual that represents your site, to grab the attention of Internet users/prospective customers.

Credit - All members receive 1000 credits. A credit is the unit we use to measure your banner advertising. Each time your page displays a banner, you earn a credit. You use one credit every time your banner appears on another exchange member's site. You will begin accumulating credits once you post the HTML code on your site and you submit your banner for approval.

CT - (click-thru) - The total number of clicks that your banner ads have received.

CT% (click-thru percentage) - A percentage comparing the number of times your banner has been displayed on other member's sites to the number of clicks that your banner has received. Remember that click-thru is not the only measure of performance in banner advertising campaigns.

CTR (click thru ratio) - A ratio comparing the number of times your banner has been viewed on other sites to the number of clicks that your banner has received. Remember that click-thru is not the only measure of performance in banner advertising campaigns.

Displays - The number of times you show another member's banner on your website, for each display you earn one credit.

Impressions - The total number of times your banner ads are viewed on the web sites they are running on.

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