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Fanciersplus Breeder and Business Directories are designed to be a interesting and informative cat community gathering place, with an appeal to a wide variety of visitors. A unique design with a world cattery directory to help cat lovers find their next feline family member combined with a ultimate cat related business directory for your complete shopping needs.

A concept that we actually began couple years ago but not totally satisfied with the format or level at which we had originally intended the site to be, so a complete site overhaul and move to a higher level hosting facility was in motion, incorporating a new state of the art design with improved technologies.

Features such as the search box and product search, assist world visitors in quickly finding the information they need while simultaneously providing maximum exposure for you the advertiser. This also helps eliminates the need for the constant clicking through of page after page which in the end can leave a visitor frustrated.

Merchants have a variety of advertising channels, that, combined with a consistent addition of products displays, featured merchants and coupons specials, help keep visitors coming back again and again while at the same time attracting new cat lovers.

Thanks for stopping by! Fanciersplus is determined to make this site exceptional in every way possible. Hope you find it interesting, fun and informative.

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Thanks for stopping by! Fanciersplus is determined to make this site exceptional in every way possible.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve. If you have a comment, suggestion or question about the site please feel free to contact us anytime. All inquiries will be responded to promptly. If you do not receive a prompt reply to your email inquiry please try again as your email may not have been received.

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