Blue Gem Cattery - cat breeder of CFA Siamese cats and kittensGorgeous deep blue eyed blue point Siamese kitten saying welcome to Blue-Gem Cattery. Click the link below to visit our catteries website and meet the cat breeders.

Catteries display page of Siamese cat breeders - Blue Gem, located in Pepperell, Massachusetts, USA
Blue Gem Siamese Cattery

Beautiful siamese cat picture of our seal point siamese male, from Blue Gem CatteryBeautiful seal point and blue point Siamese cats from Blue-Gem Cattery located in Massachusetts.Lovely blue point Siamese cat with deep blue eyes  from Blue Gem siamese cat breeders.

Adorable Siamese kittens like this for sale from cat breeders at  Blue Gem Cattery.
Adorable tiny siamese kitten newborn.  All siamese kittens are born solid white, with point colors developing soon after.

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Blue-Gem Siamese Cattery

Cattery Info:
Massachusetts Siamese Cat Breeder
Blue-Gem - CFA cattery of Excellence.

Cattery Contact:
Mary Alexander
Email Blue Gem Siamese cat breeders
Phone: 978-433-2426
Pepperell, Massachusetts, USA

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Blue Gem Siamese Cattery Display Page
Massachusetts Cat Breeder of Siamese cats and kittens.
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