Chocolotta Cattery, located in Ohio

Welcome to Choc-o-lotta Cattery! Home to CFA Persians, Himalayans and Exotic.

Chocolotta Chocolate persian
CH Choc-O-Lotta Miss Molly Brown
Chocolate Persian (CPC)

Bluecream Exotic from Chocolotta Cattery
CH Choc-O-Lotta Amazing Grace
Bluecream Point Exotic

Chocolate Point Himalayan from Chocolotta Cattery
CH Hirsheez Kisses
Chocolate Point Himalayan
Chocolate Persian from Chocolotta Cattery
CH Foxy Trucker Brown of Choc-o-lotta
Chocolate Persian

Red & White Bicolor Persian from Chocolotta Cattery Black Exotic from Chocolotta Cattery  Flame Point Exotic from Chocolotta Cattery
CH Nashboro Old Hickory
Red and White Bicolor Persian
CH Choc-O-Lotta Cricket
Black Exotic Chocolate Carrier
GC Babykitty Alien Invader
Blue Patch Mackeral Tabby Exotic
Choc-O-Lotta Let the Son-shine In
Flame Point Exotic Chocolate Carrier

Cattery Information:

CFA registered Himalayans, Exotics and Persians, most colors including chocolate and lilac.


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