Cozy Kitten cattery - cat breeder of doll face himalayans located in Missouri


Adorable family raised Doll Face Persians & Himalayans!Cute kitten from Cozy Kittens Cattery
CFA registered and come with a full, written health guarantee. Several rare colors from the leading traditional doll faced Persian breeder on the Internet. Cozy Kitten Cattery has been providing families with outstanding traditional doll faced Persians and Himalayans for the past 17 years.

Specializing in the most healthy, high quality and beautiful family companions to be found anywhere on the Internet. Though there are thousands of Persian & Himalayan breeders on the Internet today, there are only a handful that are "State Licensed" and Cozy Kittens is among that handful. "CFA & TCCI 2005 Supreme Cattery of Excellence" Cozy Kitten Cattery is a 1000% FeLV and FIV TESTED negative cattery! As well as a 1000% negative ringworm cattery! Our color pallet is endless and includes many RARE and UNIQUE COLORS!!

Knowing you are in good hands when purchasing live pets or any object on the Internet is essential, and that is what you can expect when purchasing your furry family companion from Cozy Kitten Cattery.

Cozy Kitten Cattery is the proud producer of Mr. Bigglesworth in Austin Powers 3 and several white Persian kittens in a new children's educational DVD that has been released nation wide! You will also see Cozy Kittens monthly in the "I Love Cats" Magazine.

So when choosing a reputable, responsible, well-sought-after Persian or Himalayan breeder on the Internet for purchasing your furry feline friend, the answer is clear..."Cozy Kitten Cattery - Making dreams come true, one family at a time".

Please note ALL our kittens are "DOLL FACED" which means Persians and Himalayans with the longer noses and not the extreme flat faces.

Cozy Kitten Cattery The Crème de la Crème of the Cat World.

Beautiful kitten from Cozy Kitten Cattery in Missouri

A Bicolor doll face Persian from Cozy Kittens Cattery

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Cozy Kitten Doll Face Himalayan and Persian Cattery

Missouri, USA

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