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To Gladevalley Persians!

Our kittens are raised underfoot and handled by all members of the family. We love our chocolate Persians and continue to work on type. We also have reds, blues, creams, lilacs, occasional Him's and smokes. We have recently added bi-color to our gene pool, not so much trying for bi-color chocolate but for good type and outcross in our chocolates.

Our work started 10years ago with our foundation German import chocolate carrier littermates with the additon of a chocolate carrier red male from Cactusway.

We also dairy farm in the Glade Valley area of Frederick, Maryland. We have six children ages 4-15 and I co-lead a 4-H cat club, which was featured in the June 98 issue of CATS magazine. The children participate in many projects in the 4-H program. Julia(15) and Jacquelyn(12) actively show their dogs, a Whippet and two Schipperkes at local and state 4-H shows and AKC shows as well as their feline friends. Josh(14) shows Holstein dairy cattle and tractor safely exhibition. Jessica(10) shows 4 breeds of fancy rabbits in 4-H and ARBA shows as well as her smoke Persian, Misty.

Oh yeah, we do have horses, Davenport Arabians, which are a favorite among our Baltimore inner city youths visitors to the farm.

Thanks for coming, we enjoyed your visit as always.


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