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Beautiful Ragdolls, Allan, Rose, Canada, Ragdoll
Sentimental, Allan, Rose, Canada, Ragdoll
ChristaCats, Atsma, christine, Canada, RussianBlue
Passion Feline, Beaulieu, Isabelle, Canada, Persian
Wedgewood Ragdolls, Blanchfield, Linda, Canada, Ragdoll
Bim Bam, Boone, Georgie, Canada, Persians
Bim Bam, Boone, Georgie, Canada, Persian
Royal Plush, Chernyshova, Iryna, Canada,
Dahliadolls, Duffy, Caroll, Canada,
Doux Calin, Florent, Chantal, Canada, Persian
Magyar Bengals, Fury, Mike, Canada, Bengal
Galla Himalayans & Persians, Gilmor, Tania, Canada, Himalayan
Galla Himalayans & Persians, Gilmor, Tania, Canada, Persian
Chatterie Jeanick, Gourde, Nicole, Canada, Persian
Heavensent Dolls, Hoedel, Carla, Canada, Ragdoll
Ok Valley, Jennings, Val, Canada, Ragdoll
Livingcolor, Johnson, Marlene, Canada, Exotic
Meadowvale Persians, Jollimore, Carmelita, Canada, Persian
Passion Cats, Kovacs, Patti Jo, Canada, Ragdoll
Dainty Charm, Molodkova, Marianna, Canada, Persian
Cleopatra, Palinko, Rob & Gabriella, Canada, Persian
OCEANPURRLS, Pratt, Glenn & Karen, CANADA, Persian
Sterling Brits, Smirl, Lyn & Bob, Canada, British Shorthair
Kanpur Bengals, Smith, Diana, Canada, Bengal
AFluffyDream, Tipple, Verna, Canada, Himalayan
Topiary Exotics, Van Zyl, Catherine, Canada, Exotic
Addicted To Sphynx, , Michele, Canada, Sphynx

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