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At the cat books & videos section you'll find a nice, hand-selected variety of cat related books regarding cat health & care, cat behavior, cat breeds, cat videos and other helpful cat related books.

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Ultimate Encyclopedia of Cats, Cat Breeds & Cat Care
A Comprehensive visual guide to all the cat breeds of the world, from the longhaired Persian to the hairless Sphinx, the tailless Manx to the rare Singapura. Descriptions of each breed include essential grooming information, typical characteristics and temperament.
This book features expert advice on how to care for a cat, from feeding to play. Over 700 color photographs and illustrations.
by Alan Edwards

Cats: 47 Favorite Breeds, Appearance, History, Personality & Lore
A celebration of America's #1 pet, breed by breed, from the friendly neighborhood Silver Classic Tabby to the exotic Korat, the Cornish Rex Cat to the Somali, the Chartreux and the Egyptian Mau, once worshipped in ancient Egypt as the living form of the cat-goddess Bastet. Learn all about their mysterious ways, fascinating and often legendary history, unusual quirks--one breed, the Norwegian Forest Cat, has special claws allowing it to climb rocks; another the La Perm, is a face-kisser--appearance, temperament, and more. 50 individually die-cut cards, full-color throughout.
by Kathryn Petras, Ross Petras, Workman Fandex

Barron's Encyclopedia of Cat Breeds: A Complete Guide to the Domestic Cats of North America

by J. Anne Helgren

The New Encyclopedia of the Cat
Fully revised and expanded to include the newest breeds, varieties, and colors, as well as the latest thinking on behavior and training, The new Encyclopedia of the Cat is the definitive guide to the history, anatomy, and behavior of the feline species. Visual Breed Guide: More than 65 of the world's major cat breeds are lavishly photographed in specially commissioned full-figure portraits. Bruce Fogle, DVM, MRCVS, is internationally renowned for his expertise in animal behavior. Born in Ontario, Canada, he pursued his postgraduate veterinary training at London Zoo and now practices veterinary medicine in London, England. Bruce Fogle lectures worldwide, broadcasts frequently on both radio and television, and writes for a variety of national magazines and newspapers. by Bruce Fogle, DVM

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cat Breeds
Ingram - An ultimate cat breeds encyclopedia provides complete, accurate, and authoritative information on hundreds of pictured breeds and discusses origins, personality, habits, and special concerns.
by Angela Rixon

Cat Breeds of the World
Ingram - From one of the world's best known authorities on the subject of cats comes the bible of all 100 pure cat breeds--spanning eight millennia and the entire globe. 96 color photos. Line drawings.
by Desmond Morris

The New Guide to Cat Breeds: Illustrated Encyclopedia
by Alan Edwards
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